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The main purpose of website content is to turn visitors into customers. However a visitor finds their way to your website, the reason they will choose to stay and look around - and maybe buy something - is that your content speaks to them.


So, what are you going to say?

What are you going to show them?

Well here are some tips and guidelines to get you started. We need to think about the people we are talking to, how best to explain what the product or organisation is all about, and why we are so good at what we do that the visitor need look no further. 

Who are you talking to?

You can't talk to everyone at once. The best conversations are when you are talking to just one person. So, tip 1 is to decide who your ideal customer is and to create your website content just for them. This may sound odd but stay with me!

When a large developer was building a shopping centre near where I live, he had to decide which stores to include and which to leave out. So he spent some time deciding on who his ideal customer would be. If he could only have 1 customer who would it be?

Before long the ideal customer came to life. She was 27 years old, working in a city centre office building. She had a Arts degree, loved clothes, working out in a gym, and eating out with her boyfriend. 

All they had to do then was draw up a list of stores that she would want, and choose the opening times that would suit her lifestyle. Only when they were sure they had everything for her did they decide to throw in a few stores for her boyfriend! Today, this shopping centre is the most successful in the country!


So, who is your ideal customer?

What are you going to talk about?

Most organisations will have more than one product or service they want to talk about on their website. So before you start, write them out on a piece of paper and group them into categories. This will give you a feel for whether or not you will need several web pages or just one. So, tip 2 is to decide what is your best product or category and lead with it. This could be the one that is the most profitable, or the most unique, or the one you are most proud of. Start creating website content for your best product before moving on to any of the others.

What is the best way to communicate your message?

You need to decide what is the best way to explain what you do in a way that your ideal customer will understand. You can use text or photographs, videos or podcasts. Or you can use a blend of all media. Here are a few ideas in this regard.

Some tips about media
  1. The best image of your product or service is one which shows it being used - preferably by an ideal customer.

  2. If you think your ideal customer will access your website from a smart phone, try to use more video than text on your website.

  3. Use a professional photographer for photos and videos if you have the budget. If not, self-made videos can be very effective if well made. Practice!

What are you going to say?

It is very difficult to sit in front of a clean sheet of paper and to try to describe how good your product or service is. So here is tip 3... ask yourself these four questions and then write down the answers.


1. What is your product all about i.e. define it?


2. When - under what circumstances - would it be beneficial to the visitor?


3. Why is your offering better than the others?


4. How will I feel after I have used your product or service?


Just one or two sentences on each of these will give you your content.

What else should be there?


Case studies

Client testimonials

Product demonstrations

Photos of your team

Your own story

LinkedIn profiles

Press clippings

Awards and Recognition

Contact forms

Brochures for downloading

Links to social media

Google My Business

Live social media streams

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