Web Development with You in mind

We design and develop websites that are easy to use to grow your business. It's important that your website can be used effectively by you and your colleagues - whether or not you are 'technically minded'. It's a sales tool so it should be designed so it can be used by all members of the Sales and Marketing departments.


For this reason, we use Wix and Wordpress templates as the basis for our websites. With a little training, the templates can be used and edited by anyone familiar with Microsoft Word. So the whole team can contribute to getting the most from your website.

What do you want your website to do?

The first issue to consider when planning a website is what you expect it to do for you and your business when it is up and running. Do you want to sell online? Is lead generation enough or do you need your site to close the sales? How you answer these questions will determine the features you will need to include in your website. 

The 5 questions you need to answer

There are five factors to consider when designing a sales website. Once you answer these questions, you will know the scale of the project, and we can tell you how long it will take and the investment involved. I say 'investment' rather than 'cost' because a website, when designed and promoted properly, will make you money!


Are you happy with your current branding?

Are you satisfied that your logo and colour scheme are still fit for purpose? Do they need to be updated, or changed completely?


Have you mapped out the shape of your business today?

If you have a variety of products or services for sale, you need to group them into categories your visitors will understand. What are your best products (most profitable, most unique)? It is best to view your website as a supermarket for your products i.e. they are laid out in aisles / categories with clear signage and directions, and the best of each category gets pride of place.




What content do you already have and what needs to be created?

Content can include text describing your company and products, images or videos showing your product or services in action, or case studies and testimonials from satisfied customers. Can you re-use content from your existing site or do you know where new content can be found? What additional content will you need if you intend to sell online and how will you develop this content?

What are your expectations for the new website?

You need to be clear on what you expect the website to do for your business. Is it simply an online brochure of your products and services? Do you expect it to 'make the phones ring'? Do you want visitors to be able to buy or make bookings on your site? All of these are possible, but it is vital to know your expectations from the outset if we are to design the best website for you.

How will you promote and advertise your website?

Building a website is just the start of the sales process. To develop it into a sales generating machine takes work. The question is: what will you do in-house and what will you contract others to do? The type of work normally done includes Search Engine Optimisation, publicity using social media platforms, blogging and ad campaigns. Like any other 'sales person' you will need a monthly budget to pay for this. But never forget, if you do it right, the investment will be returned in spades and you will have greatly increased the value of your company.

What's next?

Once you know the answers to these questions, it's time for us to meet. We can prepare a proposal for you to build the website you need and give you an outline of what is required to develop your website into a cash generating machine. 

Case Study

The main business of Paul Tobin Estates is the sale and letting of properties. They have been doing it for many years and have built up a good reputation. But how do they stand out in the online space – how are they different from other service providers?

While interviewing Paul, I recognised that he has some particular specialities that stand out. He is qualified as both an estate agent and an Interior Designer and uses these skills to ‘stage’ properties before they go to market. He also uses video so potential visitors can better understand the property before coming to view. And finally he has a lot of experience managing properties for home owners going abroad to work for a few years.


So this is where we concentrated when designing the layout and writing the copy for the website. As well as writing about the properties they have to sell or let, we wrote about what makes them different and why someone selling a house would want to use their services.


The work Paul does now with his SEO advisors will attract more visitors to his site. Hopefully our design and copywriting will convert them into customers! 

Paul Tobin Estates website
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