Time-lapse photography

How long does it take - from start to finish - to do what it is you do? To build something, or to make something, or to process something? Time-lapse photography is being used more and more as a way to showcase your work, to show prospective new customers what you do, and how you do it.

Who uses time-lapse photograph

And there are lots of different businesses using the technique to show their stuff on websites and social media. Recently, I've seen time-lapse photography used for

  • making a wedding cake

  • installing a new kitchen

  • constructing a new office building.

One of the most interesting applications of this technique I have seen is to follow the progress as an empty shell of a building is being transformed into a modern workspace.

In this video, we follow the transformation of an empty building in Dublin to become the new headquarters of SAGE. The time-lapse photography was carried out by the Lensmen Photographic agency using fixed IP cameras from evercam.io.

During the 14 week project (carried out by international construction company Ardmac), over 1 million images were captured! The shooting was done over 14 days from 64 fixed points throughout the build.

And after all the editing was done, they ended up with the whole story of those 14 weeks in just 3 minutes. Not bad!

Why use time-lapse photography?

And the benefits for all are clear.

Ardmac has a visual record of their team in action to show prospective new clients around the world. And SAGE has a record of how their new space in Dublin was born. This will no doubt be used for internal presentations to staff as well as on their social media channels.

Have you a project that could benefit from time-lapse? Would you like to make a story to explain to people just what you do? Get in touch today and let's show the world how good you are!

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