Creative Photography - The Professional Look

Did you ever see a piece of jewellery on display in a store and think... "Wow! That's gorgeous. I must have it!" You haven't even touched it yet, examined it closely or put it on. So why are you so taken with it?The answer is that the people who own the shop know just how to display it to make it look fabulous - the right lighting, the right background, the right context.

But how can you make the same impact when all you see a picture of the piece, say in a magazine, or a brochure, or online?

What is creative photography?

At Preparing To Publish, we work with our clients to create a story around their products. And we partner with companies like Lensmen who are experts in creative photography.

Every picture has a context that gives the piece a personality. In the gallery above, the silver necklace is shown as it would appear while being worn. The natural greens in the earrings are set off by the tones of the kiwi. And the silver light of the chain has an almost elf-like quality as it lights up the green shoots of the plant on which it hangs.

These pictures make you smile, make you look closer, and make you want to 'pick them up'. Not a bad reaction for 'just a picture'.

I love the other pictures too. They show some of Grainne Watts' ceramic 'beasts'. But the photographs, shot by the Lensmen team, show more than that. The first picture shows you there is more than one beast - there is a set of them to collect. And the other gives you an insight into how they were born. This is creative photography in action, where the pictures tell the story for you.

And this collaboration of story telling by Preparing To Publish and story capturing by Lensmen was done on the same morning as we made Grainne's two minute video I mentioned in a previous post.

Just goes to show what some planning - and some very creative photography - can do!

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