The Easy Way To Keep On Blogging

What is the biggest problem to overcome if you want to be successful online? What stops you from having a really great blog, website or Facebook page? It seems to me that the hardest thing is to keep coming up with interesting things to talk about.

What will I write about this week? What do people want to know about? What would my audience find interesting? Well, if you're waiting until 3pm on a Friday afternoon and hoping inspiration will hit you just when you need it... you're making life far too hard for yourself. There is a better way!

Before you start your blog, or the next phase of it, you need to get organised. That means planning your next 20 posts before you start writing any of them. Once you have a list of the topics you want to talk about - a blog planner, you'll be amazed at what will start to happen.

I decided to make a list last week of what I should talk about in my next 20 or so posts and put it in a blog planner. My main target audience is business owners who, like me, are trying every day to grow their businesses. I go to several networking meetings every week where I hear one guy ask a question and another - who was in that situation before, or has certain expertise - come up with an answer. When you hear the same topic come up again and again over time, you know it's a hot one.

So my blog planner list includes topics such as Understanding SEO, Using Radio to Advertise. and Setting Up a Youtube Channel. Am I an expert on all these? Hell no! But I know some people who are, and I am going to arrange to interview them for the blog. And if I record the 'interviews', I can publish some of them as podcasts - or even videos.

But the best thing about having a list, and having the topics on your radar, is that opportunities will present themselves when you least expect them. For example, when I went to a meeting in Vodafone this morning, I wasn't thinking about my blog. But who did I meet in the foyer before the meeting but the guy I wanted to talk to about radio advertising. I quickly explained what I wanted to do and the meeting is set up for next week!

If you are reading this and there is any business topic you would like discussed, please get in touch. Because even if I don't know the answer, I bet I'll know someone who does!

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