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Make your own website at a DIY Website Workshop

At Preparing To Publish, we run workshops to teach you how to make a website for your business. They are ideal for people who need a website but who don't have a large budget.


The workshop format allows us the spread the cost of building websites so you get more bang for your buck. A great website for less cash!


Over the course of 4 workshops you will learn:

  • how to create a strategy for your business online

  • how to create content for your new website

  • how to create a website using modern, easy to use templates

  • and how to use your new website to grow your business.


By learning these skills, you will maintain total control over your website so you can change it and make additions as your business develops into the future.

How does it work ... we bring a group of people together for a series of 4 website workshops. You learn how to design your website, write great copy, and make a website that looks great on phones and desktops. And you don't need to know anything about codes or programming! If you can use Word or Excel, you can learn how to make a website with us!

These people learned how to create a website at our workshops. Why not come along and make one for yourself!
made at a website workshop
Grainne Byrne

"Instead of talking about a website, I now have a website - and I got it in 4 weeks." G.B.
made at a website workshop
made at a website workshop
Derham Barry

"I've had websites before but now I can make updates instantly - any time I want." P.B.

Nurney Organic
made at a website workshop

So here's the question - are you going to continue to think about getting a website or are you going to take action and nail it? Well here are the headline facts you will want to know:


  • A course of workshops is just €795.

  • You can do 4 x halfday workshops over consecutive weeks, or 3 x fullday workshops on consecutive days.

  • The workshops are usually held at business hotels around the Dublin area, but other venues around Ireland can be used to facilitate local groups.

  • Send me an email or fill out the contact form and I will send you details of when and where the next website workshops will take place.

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make your own website
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